Client: Domi Station
Brief: Map and Visitor info handout

        Domi Station is a co-working space and startup incubator. It's the home of entrepreneurs, self starters, lone wolfs, extroverts, team builders, and everything in between. Domi brought me on board to create a welcome guide for new members and people in the community. It highlights restaurants and things to do in the area to new comers looking for their spot in this section of town. 

Instead of a run of the mill brochure, we went with an accordion fold zine. One side tells you all about some tips and tricks of the city and the other side has a map laying it all out. I've done quite a few maps. Most of them consist of renditions of the buildings, which I love, but I wanted this to be a little different. I created custom illustrations that represent each place because sometimes the building just doesn't convey exactly what's to love about each place. Something that shows the inner guts of what the vibe each establishment actually portrays. Although, there are some places around that have iconic structures so for those I stuck with the good ol' building rendering. 

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