Helping brands fly their freak flag by creating idiosyncratic art & design that's undoubtedly human.
I’ve designed and illustrated beer labels, ice cream packaging, gig posters, album covers, logos, game key art, surface patterns, visual development for character design, murals, apparel, and more for brands of all sizes.
As a lone wolf freelancer, I often do the whole shebang, from art direction to print-ready files. This method ensures visual synchronicity throughout the whole project.

But I also love sinking my teeth into something a little more collaborative by working with other creative teams and handing off my little darlings with no visitation rights; just blind trust that they will make something cool with it (and they never disappoint). 

I also run a shop and do personal work under the name IT'S NOT THAT WEIRD, where I play within the blurry line between normal and strange to shine a light on the human experience. Using various printmaking mediums like screen print, letterpress, and Risograph, I'm inspired by 90's cartoons, traditional tattoos, and vintage ephemera. I'm fueled by vegan food, the best thrift finds, and I owe all my success to Command + Z. I’m always tinkering with some overambitious project, slathered with ink, and tucked away in my tiny studio in the swampy wonderland that is North Florida.

if any of this dills your pickle, 
i'd love to hear about it!  

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Press, Podcasts, and far
too personal bonus material: 
I was on the podcast Project Popsicle where I chatted with other creatives about my journey of being a designer and artist. And the podcast Fresh Mix where I talk more about what my work is inspired by and such. 

I sat down with Emma Witmer of Tallahassee Magazine to talk all about commercial art and it's place in the art world. 

And if you want the real deep cuts, here's a playlist of 6 years worth of One Second Everyday videos (I took a second-long video every day for six years. I've since taken a break but plan to pick it back up soon)
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