Client: Woven Futures
Disciplines: Brand Identity

"Woven Futures is a is a slow fashion brand that celebrates Latin America’s artisans and vibrant textile culture through timeless designs that honor makers and the planet. We are committed to preserving indigenous weaving techniques and natural dye processes through our handmade small batch collections." The brand is women owned and operated and the pieces are handmade in Guatemala. 

I took a lot of inspiration from the process of weaving, Guatemalan landscapes, and the skill behind the craft itself. The client already had a direction they wanted to explore; to pay homage to the the stratovolcano, Tres Hermanas, in Guatemala. The Volcano has three peaks that reflect perfectly over the water, which we captured in the primary mark along with incorporating weaving and textile patterns. 

Ultimately this exact version didn't make the cut but the secondary marks did make it to the final brand identity along with a more cleaned up version of the logotype. While the branding that they went with is lovely and fits their products well, this handcrafted and rough version still pulls at my heart strings so I wanted to give it a place to live : )

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