Client: INTW shop
When: 2021-2022
Discipline: Illustration and Print Design  
A Halloween theme sticker sheet I designed and sold in my online shop,

This is my favorite style to work in and I think my most recognizable one. I love the cute but slightly creepy feel that these have and that's the sweet spot I like to play within. I also love creating texture using pencil brushes and grainy shaders.

Inspirations for my work (and especially this piece) are traditional tattoo designs and flash sheets, vintage cartoons, 90's cartoons, 70's fashion, vintage logos, and nature.   

One of the designs was also used to create a one-off holographic sticker, Cauldron Friend. Another was recreated as a wood cutout painting that appeared in a solo exhibition in Tallahassee FL at Community Co-Op Market. 

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