Client: Greenfire Farms
Project: Orange Juice bottle label design

The people at Greenfire Farms crafted some small-batch blood orange juice and asked me to create a label for the bottles. They were used as promotional items and not for sale in stores, so we didn’t need to worry about standard details like a bar code, nutritional info, etc. This meant we had a bit more flexibility and creative freedom than a usual package design project.

However, that doesn’t mean the design couldn’t include those details if they needed to be added. Regardless, I think this design works for this purpose and could efficiently work for a more prominent distributor as well. For this design, I wanted to showcase the beautiful, rich color of the juice, and I did that by creating “windows” on the label. Anywhere orange would appear in the design would be clear, making the juice the show's star. The labels also have “dark-mode and light-mode” versions, which was a fun touch. 

Hope you enjoy!

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