Client: Seven Pound Salad
Project: Album cover and CD case design

Album art is something I’ve always wanted the opportunity to work on, so I was stoked when Colin of Seven Pound Salad reached out to me to create some artwork for his new album. He released this on CD, which was fun to play around with the front and back of the jewel case as well as the inside and CD itself. Plus, as a 90’s kid, CDs will always have a soft place in my heart. The concept behind the piece was to create a world in which Seven Pound Salad was born. It’s a bit trippy, wild, playful, and energetic. With the mix of tones within this album, I liked the idea that the origin planet is split down the middle, with one side experiencing constant sun and the other endless darkness. These creatures live to jam out and chill. Essentially the dream planet? I had a great time coming up with all these alien creatures and making small stories for each in my mind. Overall I think this cover art helps visually express the uniqueness of the album.  

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