Charlie is a professional opera singer who performs regularly, teaches classes on singing to ammeters and professionals alike, and creates content online ranging from quick tip videos, live streams, and more.

It was so fun working with Charlie on creating this personal brand identity. I was inspired by his style, personality, and mission when creating different creative directions. Ultimately we landed on the direction that uses a skeleton mascot. It’s a little retro and nostalgic but feels very new and fresh at the same time.

The Skeleton made the perfect mascot and logo because it represents the science and biology behind singing which is Charlie’s main focus in teaching and represents his values; humanness and inclusivity. We added the microphone and music notes as quick visual identifiers for context and personality. They also doubled as secondary marks to be sprinkled in throughout the visual identity.

The wordmark / Charlie’s name follows this same aesthetic and anchors the logo. I used Alkaline by Fort Foundry which has a fun mid-century feel and pairs with the playfulness of the skull character and era of the microphone. Juxataposed with the very 80’s color palette, the logo feels more ambiguous in time which creates something unique that’s not chained to a theme. 

I really enjoyed this project, Charlie was great to work with, learning about the science behind singing techniques was fascinating, and the overall outcome is something I’m very stoked about. Hope you enjoy!

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