Client: Strider
Project: Full Brand and visual identity suite

About Strider
Strider is a web3 platform that's using a DAO toolset to create a crowd building platform for creators to collaborate, get projects funded, and culminate a hyped and engaged community around their projects. To be honest, I had a lot of hesitancies when I was approached to work on this. My first reaction was a hard no for any NFT related project but Strider is doing something very new and fresh in this space that could disrupt the current structure of the entertainment industry. Their main focus is to eliminate gatekeepers, empower creators to retain ownership of their ideas and contributions, have pay be fair and transparent, and foster new creative collaborations. 

About this project
For Strider, I created the full brand identity; a logotype, logo mark, color palette, typography, illustration, animation, social media content, and web design direction. I'm so stoked on how this all turned out and really had an amazing time working with the Strider team. They wanted something very unique and eye catching that gave off a lot of personality at first sight. We tinkered around with different mascots and ultimately landed on a friendly capybara waltzing out from a magic portal. We then gave this main character some friends to fill out the world. These were in the form of team member avatars that were later animated for stickers and emojis on the Strider community Discord.

Hope you enjoy!

Team member avatars
& Discord emojis and animated stickers 

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