Client: Idyll Hounds Brewing Co
Date: 2023
Contributions: Illustration, label design, and copywriting

The last few years I've worked with Idyll Hounds on their annual fall event, Houndsfest, to create a series of beer labels for their limited time brews. These are usually super unique and have flavor notes that are unexpected in a beer so it's always a blast to come up with a name and design for their creative creations. 

This year the theme was Florida flora and fauna, which as a Floridian I'm always stoked to play with that kind of imagery. You'll often see little lizards doing pushups and exposing their dewlap for the ladies and I wanted to honor these classic weirdos and the attention they give their physique. 

The flavor ended up changing during the making of the design so I threw in the orange and orange creamsicle details last minute but being paired with the lizards honestly just made it that much more Florida. 

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