Client: Adobe x MLB
Project: Illustration and Animated Gifs 
Art Direction: Angela Fisher

I had a blast teaming up with the Adobe folks on their MLB collab. To really celebrate baseball fan culture, I was asked to create animated gifs using various slang terms often used by the fans. 

I quickly became familiar with the wacky and fun terms that are regularly tossed around (hehe). Some are more literal than others, while some are a bit of a head-scratcher about how certain plays or scenarios got their nicknames. The challenge there was to pair hand lettering with illustrations that referenced the slang definition and the literal definition of the word in a playful, clever way. 

I'm often inspired by 90s cartoons in my work, and I was able to really go all in on that aesthetic with these, which is essentially the dream project for me. I love the grittiness of lo-fi frame-by-frame animation, so I hand-drew each frame. The end product is playful and stands out from the super clean motion graphics you often see. ​​​​​​​

I also created hero images for the campaign's landing page. These illustrations were also used as little stickers in Adobe Express templates, which you can see here

The rad templates are designed by Andy Smith @ndysmth

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