For Sweet Amsterdam, I had a blast creating the visual language from head to toe; logo, typography, package design, and illustration. The owner of SA wanted the whole project centered around the package illustrations and how they could be a piece of art on their own while also fitting in the most essential information on the package. On this small 3-inch package, I needed to include a logo, the cookie in life-sized form, nutritional facts, and standard food regulation info. 

Each design illustrates a short story that's written on the back of the packaging: a serene moment that metaphorically describes the flavor. The different scenes also represent opportunities for a snack, i.e., on a hike, picnic on the beach, etc. The overall focus is on the consumer or the person within the image. 

Stylistically, I wanted the illustrations to have a painterly feel with layers of colors piled on top of each other. Playing with light and shadows to create contrasting designs that all use the same color palette for a cohesive visual identity. The illustration seamlessly wraps around to the back, and the box was given this same treatment.

Hope you enjoy!

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