Client: Film Production / Content Creator Collective, Sooperkul 
Project: Visual Identity System

Sooperkul is a collective of creatives searching for a bold and weird brand with a lot of versatility.

I was inspired by the way 80’s movies would depict futuristic tech and synth tunes. Vintage videography gear was also a heavy visual influence, so for this logo, I created a “character” around a Super 8 camera. Whether we are just seeing the eye of the creator through the lens or if the camera and film are alive themselves is up for interpretation. I used a star shape to represent the literal spark of creativity, a wavy line in the word mark to symbolize the fluidity of the client’s work, and a little hidden “s” as a nod to the name. 

I then broke down the primary graphic into small assets that can be used throughout the brand. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I built it up to show how this visual identity is a catalyst for more creativity. Art and storytelling are massive parts of the collective, so the branding needed to allow for lots of play.

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