For Design Week Tallahassee I got the opportunity to hold a workshop with my partner called "For Crying Out Loud, Make something." It was modeled from IDEO's Sasu created by Matt Brown. Focusing around finding inner creativity, we gathered some people together to get their minds and hands messy, gave the class a fictional brief, and walked them through the steps of brainstorming an idea. We believe that solving fictional problems is the indirect scenic route to creativity. Through structured stimulating questions and a small 4 step process, attendees were able to story-tell and prototype their ideas within this 3-hour block. This was a time for designers to play and learn to think about what the other side of the box looks like. Our hope was to introduce these methods of brainstorming, the importance of exploring alternative routes to get to a solution, and how making for fun stimulates the brain so scrolling through dribbble won't seem like the first option when needing inspiration. 

Here's the promotional video, workshop description, and some pictures from the workshop.  


We’re going where no designer has gone before. In this interactive workshop of insanity, we’ll be exploring ideas that will get you thinking about alternate realities and what the future can look like. Part sprint, part experimentation, part play — this workshop is all about creative fuel. Modeled from IDEO’s Sasu created by Matt Brown, we will be exploring answers to unasked questions. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and get making
Everyone had a different idea of what this meant to the city. Prototypes ranged from political, sci-fi, agricultural, culinary, entertainment, and outerwear. 

Here were the creations:
All attendees earned their maker pins. Hand sculpted smiley hand pins made from polymer clay :~)

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