Be Kind Rewind @be_kind_rewind_shop is a popup vintage resale shop that specializes in graphic tees and vintage toys. With the name being a tribute to VHS tapes and movie rentals, they wanted something that also visually paid homage to these roots. I ended up going with some wonky hand-lettered type that mimics the BlockBuster font and a wacky-friendly VHS character. Rounding it out with some typography, a BlockBuster-inspired color palette, and some little secondary marks. 

The character has some vintage cartoon vibes while being in a more modern pose. I had done another option that was far more grungy with the VHS tape coming out of the top and we decided to incorporate that detail here as well. Between that and the naturally wacked-out pupils (windows showing the tape) the character definitely has an unhinged feel but is inclusive to all ages.



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