Client: Picked Vintage Goods
Discipline: Mascot Design, Merch Design
Original "Picked" script logo is by the insanely talented Jesse Taylor
Product and Social photos and videos were created by the Picked team. 

Mascots are always one of my favorite projects to work on. It mixes my favorite things; character design, logo design, and for this one especially, vintage inspiration. That's why I was so stoked when Picked asked me to design their new mascot and that it would be a raccoon. 

Picked is a vintage clothing store that's best known for vintage FSU apparel. The raccoon is a nod to their vintage and "junk digging" skills and roots. We wanted it to feel like a real vintage sports mascot so I took a lot of inspiration from designs that have held together on ratted apparel and pennants of the past. It obviously needed to fit well with their already established logo by Jesse and after a few different iterations to make sure it was authentic as possible we landed on this cute and tough dude. The color palette compliments their store while adding gold to their brand connecting it to their FSU roots but still felt like its own thing. 

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