Vintage Florida-Inspired Bandana

I was looking at a lot of ephemera from the 50's and 60's for Florida tourism which inspired me to create something new with the flare of the past. For the illustration style, I mimicked the brush pen look of that time by having a lot of variation in the line weights, simplified strokes, and slight off-register printing. 

I also created a belly band for the packaging which was also done in a vintage-inspired design style. The paper I used had a lot of tooth, an off-white cream color, and I tore the edges instead of cutting them to give it that beachy ruggedness vibe. The backs interlocked together using two simple cuts so no tape or glue was necessary. I think this gives the whole unpackaging experience a lot of luxury and makes for more sustainable packaging.  

For this project, I worked in every step of the process. 
Disciplines include:

✦ Digital Illustration
✦ Screenprinting
✦ Package Design
✦ Product Photography

Since 2020, I have updated this design and plan to reprint so check back later for that! :^)  

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