I worked with Domi Station, a coworking space + startup incubator, to create a sock design that embodied the entrepreneurial experience while also representing the unique atmosphere of Domi. 
For this pattern the client wanted to push the unique aspects that make Domi Station stand out. One of which is that they are located at a train station. This inevitably creates a visual aesthetics inside and outside the building so I implemented some elements like vintage train luggage tags (that one of the directors was collecting), railroad tracks, and ties. I also wanted to include graphics that were tailored to the services and programs put on by Domi Station and illustrate the Entrepreneurial experience. My goal for each graphic was to be simple and bold but with a hand drawn illustrated quality to give it a little more character than your run-of-the-mill icon design. Right on the other side of the tracks is the Railroad Art Park so I thought it was fitting to make something that pays homage to the culture surrounding Domi.
I also created a mascot for them to use on a variety of promotional products.
Think Thomas the Train's more caffeinated, relentless, entrepreneur cousin ..?

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